Deeper Relationships

Informal Video Conversations

We have frequent conversations about relationships. We have recorded some of our conversations and offer them below, in hopes that our observations and experiences might give you some insights into your relationships. These videos are informal and unrehearsed, so if you are looking for high-powered presentations with flashy graphics, you won't find them here. Each video series below was created by our turning on a video camera during a conversation.

Reactions video

Being Present With Reactions
7-part series on managing emotional reactions

Happiness video

Finding Happiness
7-part series on finding happiness in your relationships

Healing video

Healing Love Relationships
10-part series on healing your relationship with your significant other

Narcissism video

Narcissism in Relationships
6-part series on understanding and dealing with narcissism

Solution video

Solving Relationship Problems
11-part series on diagnosing and solving the problems in your relationships



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