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Narcissism in Relationships

6-part video series about understanding and dealing with narcissism in your relationships.


Narcissism in Relationships - Part 1 - The Ego's Quest for Superiority
Narcissism has a devastating effect on relationships. Narcissistic behavior is the outgrowth of the ego's strategy to become the center of the individual's universe. Over the years, if this behavior doesn't change, it generally results in a codependent relationship.

Narcissism in Relationships - Part 2 - Using People as Objects
A narcissistic partner misses opportunities to experience love and build a great relationship because he/she is blinded by ego. The result is conscious and unconscious relationship sabotage, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Narcissism in Relationships - Part 3 - Repairing the Relationship
As you begin to understand the problems in the relationship, how do you make it better? If you directly try to change your partner, your efforts will backfire. The real change must begin with you.

Narcissism in Relationships - Part 4 - Changing Yourself & the Relationship
The armor of the narcissistic ego is hard to break through. You can help your partner to see, but ultimately change won't happen until the narcissistic partner begins to see the effects of his/her relationship sabatage. You can change the relationship, but it requires a fundamental change in your behavior.

Narcissism in Relationships - Part 5 - Effects of Narcissism on Relationships              
Subtle and not-so-subtle ways that narcissism affects your relationships and all aspects of your life.                              .                     Subtle and not-so-subtle ways that narcissism affects your relationships and all aspects of your life.

Narcissism in Relationships - Part 6 - Making Your Relationships Work
Using the 12-step approach to healing your relationships. Facing and making the important choices. Setting boundaries that don't become walls. Building the "US" factor in your relationships. Establishing mutual respect and communication.



"Narcissism in Relationships"
is a Deeper Relationships video series

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