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This is a personal website developed by Roger and Evelyn Reece. We aren't selling anything. We are just offering you an opportunity to watch videos of our informal conversations about building deeper relationships. We talk about relationships often, and one day we decided to turn on a video camera. These are non-professional, un-edited videos in which we talk about our personal experiences and the wisdom we have gained through experience over the years.

roger and evelyn

We are both from the baby boomer generation, and have learned a lot about relationships by trial, error, study and a deep interest in personal growth.

We have been married for over 40 years, but not to each other. We have both experienced divorce and have learned valuable lessons in the process. We have enjoyed a deep and loving relationship since our marriage in 1997. One reason our relationship has been successful is it's beginnings. We were friends for five years before our relationship took a romantic turn. We were part of a study group and book club (led by Evelyn), where we shared ideas about the meaning of life and relationships. This friendship built a foundation for a deeper relationship that can often be missing when couples fall in love without really getting to know each other first.

In our videos, we share the secrets to our successful marriage and many of the concepts, practices and behaviors that have helped us to develop a deeper relationship over the years. We plan to add new videos on an ongoing basis, so if you enjoy our video conversations, please bookmark this site for future reference.

About Evelyn

Evelyn is an artist and mother of two sons, now in their 30's. Please visit Evelyn's Joys of Art website to see some of her paintings. For many years, Evelyn has led book clubs and study groups focusing on self-development and personal growth.

About Roger

Roger is a behavioral coach, seminar leader and keynote speaker. His focus is on improving relationships in the workplace. He is the father of a son and daughter, both in their 30's. For links to Roger's websites, see the Resources page of this website.

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