Deeper Relationships

Would You Like to Improve Relationships at Work?

Roger Reece provides training and coaching services to build teamwork and to help managers and employees improve relationships and build emotional intelligence. For more information, please visit the websites below. Most of these workshops have a "Videos" page where you can watch excetpts from some of Roger's training sessions.

Conflict in the workplace
  • - Training workshops and coaching in emotional intelligence and improving your emotional intelligence EQ. Rewiring your brain and break your deep-seated emotional reactive habit patterns.
  • - Training workshops in managing workplace conflict. One-on-one coaching in conflict management skills and anger management. Small group coaching workshops focused on helping a team to effectively manage day-to-day conflict. Conflict mediation services.
  • - Training workshops in interpersonal communication skills for the workplace. Large and small group sessions. One-on-one communication skills coaching and keynote presentations on improving workplace communicaton.
  • - Training workshops with DISC Behavioral Style Assessments. Training and coaching on personality types and behavioral styles, and how to work effectively with people of each style.
  • - Training workshops in building teamwork and becoming an effective team in the workplace. Team building activities and adventure outings. Coaching and 360 surveys for teams. Keynote presentations on building and motivating teams.
  • - Leadership, management and new supervisor training workshops. Emotional Intelligence training workshops. Executive coaching. Management consulting. Keynote presentations on Leadership.
  • - Management and supervisory training and coaching programs.
  • - Training workshops on Relationship Selling and Consultative Selling. Coaching and consulting. Keynote presentations for sales meetings and events.
  • - Training and coaching in stress management skills, managing your reactions, managing your emotional states, relaxation methods, stress prevention. Keynote presentations on managing stress in the workplace and in your personal life.
  • - Training workshops on personal and team productivity, time management and project management. Productivity coaching for individuals and teams. Keynote presentations on workplace productivity.
  • - Training workshopshops on dealing with change at work and in your personal life.
  • - Training workshops and presentations on customer service for groups of all sizes.
  • - One-on-one and small group coaching for managers and employees in the workplace.
  • - Humor and motivational keynotes with Roger Reece and his alter-ego, Buford P. Fuddwhacker.
  • - Humor and workplace motivation with Buford Fuddwhacker and Roger Reece.
  • - Full range of training services


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